13 Jun 2012

Is there such a thing as TOO GOOD of an idea?

By Marci Cohen and Ellen Witt Just a couple years ago, someone dreamed up the great new idea of self-serve frozen yogurt sold by the ounce. It all started with one shop offering a multitude of flavor options and toppings galore ready to pour on at your own discretion (or temptation, as the case may be). The appeal was too good for any yogurt lover to deny. If you live in a city that’s anything like Atlanta, the number of yogurt shops

08 Jun 2012

No Such Luck

By Ellen Witt Atlanta’s High Museum of Art recently hosted a show covering the art from Picasso to Warhol. My favorite part of art exhibits (aside from trying to get close enough to secretly lay my fingers on the pieces that were crafted by such world-renowned figures) has always been reading between the lines. There were big stories between the lines at this show. In addition to Picasso and Warhol, the show featured a number of other artists including Matisse, Miró, Mondrian,

04 Jun 2012

Interactively Dumber

By Greeley Dawson Today, there is a common perception that we are growing dumber as technology grows smarter. If you happened to catch the movie Idiocracy, you probably either laughed or cried the whole way through. Email has taken over personal communication so much these days that kids barely know how to speak to adults or pick up the phone for a normal conversation. Yes, we are all aware that there is plenty wrong with this picture, but is it really as

31 May 2012

Sea of Bookmarks, No More

By Marci Cohen and Ellen Witt For most of us, it’s a regular occurrence to happen onto something on the Internet that captures our attention – maybe it’s a new blog, a news article or even just a recipe. So, what do we do? Most likely, one of two things: Bookmark it, or Come to terms with the fact that we know we will never see it again with the understanding and certainty that tomorrow, we will likely see something as good or

18 May 2012

Backward is the new Forward

By Greeley Dawson When was the last time a design really popped out at you? Even though we all love a good design, the printing process plays just as much of a role in a great piece of work. The printing press brought literacy to the masses in the wake of its invention over 500 years ago. The old school printing method used a technique known as letterpress to physically stamp, or emboss, the surface where ink was applied. There have been

08 May 2012

Green with Envy

Make the world green with envy! Now is your chance to win the 2012 HGTV Green Home at Serenbe. What is that, you might wonder? Every year, HGTV demonstrates the best and most efficient way to build homes that are eco-friendly, sustainable and designed for healthy living. But best of all, this green home will be given away to one lucky winner along with a car and some extra cash. If you haven’t heard about Serenbe, it is one of the