13 Sep 2012

The Purist Movement

By Ellen Witt Today is the most pure moment in history. Not a week ago, 200 or even 2,000 years ago. It’s a fact that the Internet has brought us more child pornography and sexual predators. We face identity theft, computer corruption, viruses and hacking. Massive amounts of information have introduced a new class of criminals. So many problems have come out of this Internet, so what good is it anyway? All sorts of good, according to the bigger picture. The Internet has

21 Aug 2012

Must Be Nice: The Secret to Success Isn’t Really a Secret

Written by Danny Bonvissuto Graphics by SeeMeDesign Throughout the early 90s—when I was still rocking the home-permed poof a la Elaine on Seinfeld—I listened to professors explain how to make it in the wide world of work. They’d start with the basics—stay in school; apply for internships—then I’d uncap my extra-fine ballpoint, ready to scribble down their secrets for success. When class was over, I’d look down and see a few hearts and a smiley face. I wanted a blueprint. A flow chart.

10 Aug 2012

Couponing the Bullet

By Marci Cohen Despite the new obsession some people have with couponing, I learned the ins and outs of stretching my budget the old fashioned way – from my Grandmother. My Grandmother read the Sunday advertisements religiously. She clipped coupons, compared prices, mapped out her weekly shopping strategy, and she taught me to do the same. Although life sometimes interferes with my ability to follow through with a weekly shopping plan, I stir up sweet memories when I get a bargain that