26 Dec 2012

Circus Arts Institute

By Marci Cohen It’s always exciting to see our clients succeed, and Carrie Heller, Founder of The Circus Arts Institute, has enjoyed many successes. So, of course we were excited when The Atlanta Journal and Constitution featured an article about Carrie and her Circus Arts Therapy® practice. Carrie is one of those few people who has been lucky enough to create a career doing what she loves. As a child she enjoyed circus arts as a hobby, and she continued practicing that hobby as

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12 Dec 2012

Sandy Relief Sponsorship

It’s been long enough for Hurricane Sandy to be pushed to the press back burner, but the clean-up is still a long way ahead. So, we have joined forces as a sponsor of this relief effort coming up this Monday from 6-9pm at Sweetwater Brewery. Our partners in this effort are W Atlanta – Midtown, Sweetwater Brewery and American Spirit Whiskey, all of which will support the Robin Hood Foundation. So, what do you say… can I twist your arm to

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05 Nov 2012

A Life Changer

By Ellen Witt Let’s think back in history – we know Chirstopher Columbus, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and the latest Steve Jobs. Each of these men has a reputation of being a world-changing, mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting, crazy genius. Even with all their genius considered, crazy is still an operative word here. So, let’s challenge ourselves – see if you can name one world-changing genius that our society would not call crazy. Feel free to take your time here… Now, why was

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